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温东Little Mountain超大型综合住宅社区(城市屋和公寓)



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Little Mountain是一个目前正在计划开发的超大型综合住宅社区重建建筑群,位于温东与温西交界的 155 东37街,毗邻伊丽莎白女皇公寓。


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Little Mountain是一个由Holborn开发建造,综合了住宅,餐饮,绿化,生活服务等多个周边设施的综合社区,总共将提供包括城市屋和公寓在内的1573个单位。预计将于今年夏天开盘!

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楼盘名称:   Little Mountain
开发商:      Holborn
楼盘地址:   155 East 37th Avenue, Vancouver
管理费: 包含热水,垃圾处理,公共设施,物业管理和保险

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Little Mountain Vancouver is a new condo and townhouse development By Holborn   currently under construction at 155 East 37th Avenue, Vancouver. The development has a total of 1573 units.





Updated July 17, 2017



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Ward是一个由城市屋开发商Vicini Homes在温东29街天车站附近开发的城市屋小区,一共2739 Ward Street, Vancouver。楼盘仅有16个单位,目前正在开发注册中。

心动不如行动,马上联系我们团队,获取更多有关楼花资讯,彭先生 778-320-5178,林先生,604-805-0322。


楼盘名称:   Ward
开发商:      Vicini Homes
楼盘地址:  2739 Ward Street, Vancouver
销售情况: 无
管理费: 包含热水,垃圾处理,物业管理和保险

2016 05 05 03 58 01 vicini homes 2719 ward steet vancouver rendering



Ward is a new townhouse development By Vicini Homes currently in preconstruction at 2739 Ward Street, Vancouver. The development has a total of 16 units.


温东Joyce Azora I Ariia精品城市屋项目!


Updated July 18, 2017

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Azora I Ariia is a new townhouse development by Azora Development and Construction currently under construction at 2757 Horley Street, Vancouver. The development is scheduled for completion in 2018. Azora I Ariia has a total of 10 units, sizes range from 700 to 1150 square feet.

Azora I Ariia is a Vancouver high quality 10 townhomes complex in collingwood area developed as one building under construction & completion in March 2018.

Each unit has its own separate entry like a duplex with spacious 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.

Upper units have Northshore Mountain & Metrotown view.

European inspired open kitchen, Stainless steels appliances, high quality flooring and finishing is our brand characteristics.

Each unit includes one parking & storage room.

Convenient location, few minutes to E 29 Skytrain Station & Park.



温东Slocan Street Slocan Park 精品城市屋+低层公寓项目


Updated July 18, 2017

Slocan Park is Vancouver’s latest quality development which combines a premium location with a perfect balance of affordability and luxury. We invite you to explore our many designer floor plans and innovative features that may even pay for itself! It’s time to re-think how a modern home should be designed. It’s time for Slocan Park by Vanwell Homes.

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Slocan Park Vancouver is a new condo and townhouse development by Vanwell Homes burrently in preconstruction at 4868 Slocan Street, VancouverSlocan Park Vancouver has a total of 53 units.

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 Choose from 37 finely crafted 2 and 3 bedroom Cityhomes complete with premium features including quartz countertops, contemporary kitchen packages, stainless steel appliances and sturdy laminate flooring – all as part of our standard package!

As families grow or as needs change, your Slocan Park home is ready to grow and evolve with you. Our concept is called a Lock-off unit which allows you to configure a part of your home for a rental by simply locking off a room which comes complete with a kitchen, bathroom and private door. The convenience of privacy is always in your hands and always up to you. Ask us for more details!






Updated July 19, 2017

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Joyce is a new condo development by Westbank currently in preconstruction at 5050 Joyce Street,VancouverJoyce has a total of 256 units, sizes range from 439 to 1419 square feet.

Joyce是由著名开发商Westbank打造的高层公寓,位于5050 Joyce Street。该楼盘预计将提供256套精品公寓。

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Joyce紧邻温哥华Joyce天车站,交通便利,这里的Joyce-Collingwood是温哥华最成熟的社区之一。这个多元文化的社区拥有超过五万的居民,其中家庭占超过半数。周边地区交通便利,拥有丰富的绿地,距Collingwood,Gaston,Renfrew Ravine,Aberdeen以及本拿比中央公园等公园均不到10公里,并且邻近大温最大的购物中心Metrotown.

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Image result for joyce presale