生活应该充满活力,是一种艺术元素。这就是五路生活。 Anthem在不断发展的Ironwood社区中,创建了47套西海岸现代型的3和4卧室家庭联排别墅,这些排屋和私人公园赋予了这些联排别墅更多的价值。

本楼盘一共只有47套全新住宅,可联系Tony Lin 604 8050322 参观样本房和销售中心。

Your family home should be a place that inspires, a versatile space that works with you, a sanctuary to return to. This is life at Five Road by Anthem. Introducing a boutique collection of 47 West Coast Contemporary 3 and 4 bedroom family homes, enriched by private and shared outdoor spaces, in Richmond’s established Ironwood neighbourhood. Call Tony Lin at 604 805 0322 for the home tour.