Tenant move out checklist - 租客搬出清单

What to do when moving out of a rental property: Tenant Move Out Checklist

You surely want the move-out to go smoothly, without any conflicts and hassles. To achieve this, you need to comply with all your tenants’ responsibilities when moving out, give your landlord a proper move out notice, and leave the rental in good condition. The comprehensive move out checklist below will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you don’t overlook anything important when vacating the rental property – so that you can get your security deposit back and part on good terms with your landlord.

Review your lease agreement

The first thing to do when planning to move out of a rental is review your rental agreement and find out how to properly end the lease.

Give your landlord a move out notice

Most rental contracts require the tenant to provide a written notification to the property owner 30 days before moving out of the rental. So, you need to write a tenant move out letter and send it to your landlord at least 5 weeks prior to moving day.

Inspect the property and fix damage

You’re required to return the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in, so your next step is to inspect the home for any damage you may have caused over your time there – make sure you check the property against the condition report from when you moved in to find out what exactly you’re responsible for.

Normal wear and tear is expected and acceptable, but you’re responsible for repairing holes in the walls you’ve made for hanging pictures and other things, fixing scratches and dents on the walls and floors, repainting the walls to their original color, replacing broken windows, making sure the electrical and plumbing systems are in good condition and all the lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, and any other home equipment that was in the property when you moved in is functioning properly, etc.

Pay off your bills

Your landlord has the legal right to use your deposit money for any unpaid charges and bills, so make sure you pay off any due taxes and fees before moving out of the rental – waste management fees, utility bills (for gas, electricity, and water), service fees (for Internet, cable TV, and phone), etc.

Take all your things out of the rental

Make sure you don’t leave any of your stuff behind – you’re going to pack your belongings and move them to your new home. None of them should remain in the rental property though, as your landlord can charge you for having to take out and dispose of your stuff.

Clean thoroughly

Your lease may provide specific details as to what is expected of you in terms of cleaning the rental unit before moving out (professional carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, etc.) or simply say that you should leave the property clean and tidy. Either way, you should try to leave the home in the same condition that it was when you moved in.

Document the condition of the rental property

You need proof of the condition you’re leaving the rental in, so you’re strongly advised to document the cleaning and repair works (take videos) and keep all the receipts for materials and services you paid for. Also, make sure you take several photos of the property when all your items are taken out and everything is cleaned – all this evidence will come very handy in case of a conflict with your landlord concerning your security deposit.

Arrange a move out inspection

Every move-out checklist for tenants ends with scheduling a final inspection. So, don’t forget to call your landlord a week or so before leaving the property and ask him/her to conduct a move-out walkthrough of the rental unit. Be present at the move-out inspection, discuss any issues that may arise, try to find mutually beneficial solutions, and request your tenancy deposit back.

Get your security deposit back

When you move out of a rental property, you’re legally entitled to get your tenancy deposit back (unless you have done extensive damage or violated the terms of your lease agreement).

You already know what to do when moving out of a rental to avoid deposit deductions – all that is left to do now is send a written request by certified mail (with return receipt requested) to your former landlord (keep in mind that you’re required to provide your new address in your request).



您当然希望搬迁顺利进行,而没有任何冲突和麻烦。为此,您需要在搬迁时遵守所有租户的责任,向房东发出适当的搬迁通知,并使租房状况保持良好。以下全面的搬迁核对清单将指导您完成整个过程,并确保您在腾空出租物业时不会忽略任何重要事项- 这样以便您可以退还保证金。








您的房东有合法权利将您的押金用于支付任何未付的费用和账单,因此请确保您在搬出租金之前还清所有应缴的税款和费用-水电费(天然气,电和水) ,服务费(适用于Internet,有线电视和电话)等等


确保您没有留下任何东西 – 您将打包行李并搬到新家。但是,它们都不应该保留在出租物业中,因为房东可以因必须取出和处理您的东西而向您收费。